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Grass Reinforcement Grids

Paving with the aesthetic of grass

Grass Reinforcment Grids

Any grassed area will be subject to erosion in the presence of vehicle, pedestrian or animal traffic. This leads to rutted, boggy, slippery and unsightly conditions which can be dangerous.

Traditionally this is remedied with concrete, tarmac or block paving. The problem with this however is it does not look as good as grass generally and is much less eco-friendly, contributing to the growing problem of urban hot spots carrying the costs of flood risk, extra drainage systems and rising temperatures.

The solution is a porous grass reinforcement grid system which offers the best of both worlds - the strength and durability of paving with the aesthetic and eco-friendliness of grass. By retaining water for gradual release to drainage systems and absorbing heat more, it will reduce the problems now seen so damaging to our environment.

This solution also offers the possibility of grass car parking.

The Rite Pave Solution

Rite Pave ground reinforcement systems provide porous substrate support which fully supports grass growth, making for a great looking and much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paving.

Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, Rite Pave products are designed for long term use, easily joining together to form a structure that can handle thermal expansion within itself. Rite Pave also greatly assists drainage of rain water making it compatible within a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS), reducing flood risk markedly.

In addition, its high load bearing capacity and anti slip top surface with raised pimples makes Rite Pave ideal for any kind of traffic, whether vehicle, animal or pedestrian.

Key Benefits of Rite Pave

You can drive on it

With its high load bearing capacity of 350 t/m2, you can drive cars, HGVs, double decker buses and even tanks on Rite Pave. Its anti slip features also provide an ideal surface for driving.

Driveway paving with the aesthetic of grass, gravel or earth

Rite Pave fully supports grass growth and can be used with a variety of infill materials such as gravel, stones, soil, bark chippings, sand and rubber crumb - making for a great looking alternative to traditional driveway paving.

Made in the UK from 100% recycled materials

Environmentally friendly manufacturing in our UK based factory from 100% recycled polyethylene helping keep waste plastics from landfill.

Durability lifespan of 20 years

Able to withstand heavy loads and thermal expansion, the durability of Rite Pave is unmatched, and has a 20 year working life expectancy.

Quick and easy installation

Designed to easily interlock together, Rite Pave has excellent laying rates of up to 120m2 per man hour making for a quick installation. It is also easily cut and laid by D.I.Y enthusiasts and professionals alike with no specialist tools required to lay the product.

Cost effective and easy to transport

Only £10.10 per square metre making Rite Pave a very competitive alternative to traditional surfacing methods. Rite Pave is also easily transported, vehicles being able to contain 1300 square metres each. This leads to decreased fuel costs - both for you and the environment.

Water Permeable Design

Unlike traditional paving, the permeable nature of the Rite Pave driveway grid system greatly assists drainage, making it compatible within a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS). Furthermore, Rite Pave prevents the compaction of earth or gravel infill, further assisting better drainage.

Case Study - Royal Highland Centre

The Royal Highland Centre shows just how beautiful and functional the results can be when you go with Rite Pave grass reinforcement grids. Before installing Rite Pave their fields were subject to boggy and unsightly conditions.
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Installation Guidelines

  1. Mark out and excavate the area to be reinforced to a depth of 75-225mm based on application.
  2. Install the sub base material in the excavated area, compacting the area to be as level as possible.
  3. Apply a thin 40mm layer of sharpsand/soil mix to the sub base to level it out further.
  4. Interlock and lay the Rite Pave paving modules.
  5. The area can now be back filled with the medium to be used

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£10.10 per sq metre

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Technical Specifications

Module Size
500mm x 500mm
Module Depth
Modules per sq m
Weight per Module
Cell Size
70mm x 70mm
Cells per sq m
Min Wall Thickness
Available Area for Infil
Load Capacity
350 t/m2
Axle Weight
20 t
Temperature Range
-50 to 65°C
Installation Time
120 m2/hour
Linear Expansion Rate
0.061 mm/m/°C
Max Incline Gradient Under Load
Min Radius to Ground Contour
Area per Pallet
58m 2