Erosion is a problem with any ground subject to pedestrian, animal or vehicular traffic. Cellular grass and gravel grid is required to prevent this, otherwise rutted, boggy, slippery and unsightly conditions occur which can be dangerous. Traditionally, concrete, tarmac or block paving is used, however these are not environmentally friendly and contribute to the growing problem of urban hot spots. This leads to rising temperatures, increasing flood risk zones and the necessity for implementing extra drainage systems. The solution is to use a porous surface which will retain water for gradual release to drainage systems and absorb heat more, thereby reducing the problems now seen so damaging to our environment. This also greatly enhances the appearance of the area when filled with decorative stone or plant growing medium for grass or sedum.

Rite Pave ground reinforcement systems provide porous substrate support which holds earth, grass or gravel. Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, Rite Pave products are designed for long term use, easily joining together to form a structure that can handle thermal expansion within itself. The design is perfect for supporting healthy grass growth within the cell which leads to a great looking finished installation. In addition, its anti slip top surface with raised pimples makes Rite Pave ideal for any kind of traffic, whether vehicle, animal or pedestrian.