Rite Pave is an exceptionally durable permeable paving grid, perfect for protecting driveways and grass areas.

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Product Use

Grass Reinforcement Gravel Reinforcement
Golf course pathways, stables, paddocks and riding areas Paved gravel areas, gravel driveways, gravel car parking (temporary & permanent)
  Residential driveways, grass car parking


Module size 500mmx500mm
Module depth 40mm
Modules per sq m 4
Weight per module 1.4kg
Cell size 70mm x 70mm
Cells per sqm 196m
Min Wall Thickness 3.2mm
Available Area For Infil 90%
Load Capacity 350 t/m2
Axle Weight 20 Tonne
Temperature Range -50 to 65 °C
Colour Black, Green