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Rite Pave Applications

  • Grass Reinforcement

    Grass Reinforcement

    Get the best of both worlds with the strength and durability of paving with the aesthetic qualities of grass. Rite Pave fully supports healthy grass growth making it perfect for grass reinforcement projects. Applications include:

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  • Gravel Reinforcement

    Gravel Reinforcement

    Stabilise a gravelled area with Rite Pave gravel reinforcement grids. This provides a gravelled surface friendly to both people and vehicles. It also greatly helps solving the problem of the scatter and drift of gravel over time - a problem that has plagued gravel and other loose surfaces since their invention. Applications include:

  • Residential Driveways

    Residential Driveways

    Rite Pave offers a porous alternative to traditional paving ideal for residential driveways. Whether grass or gravel is used, Rite Pave provides a user friendly surface for both walking and driving on.

    If gravel is used, the visual blight of scatter and drift of gravel over time is greatly reduced, making for a better looking driveway than unreinforced gravel.

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  • Grass Car Parking

    Grass Car Parking

    Grid reinforced grass offers a great looking alternative to traditional concrete, tarmac or block paving for car parks. Rite Pave supports healthy grass growth and provides an anti slip reinforced surface perfect for driving and parking.

    It is also far more friendly to the environment, allowing enhanced water drainage and reduced heat reflection.

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  • Temporary Roadways and Access Routes

    Temporary Roadways and Access Routes

    Rite Pave is extremely quick and easy to install making it ideal for temporary roadways and access routes. Rite Pave modules easily fit together, providing excellent laying rates of up to 120m2 per man hour with no specialist tools or skills required.

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Other Uses

Rite Pave is also suitable for other more exotic and heavy uses due to its high load bearing capacity of 350t/2. It also has the capability to be used on slopes up to an incline gradient of 11° under load. Other uses include:

  • Emergency Access Routes
  • Cycle Routes
  • Aircraft parking
  • Helicopter landing pads

  • River side towpaths
  • Embankment and slope stabilisation
  • Caravan hardstandings
  • Garden shed hardstandings

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Technical Specifications

Module Size
500mm x 500mm
Module Depth
Modules per sq m
Weight per Module
Cell Size
70mm x 70mm
Cells per sq m
Min Wall Thickness
Available Area for Infil
Load Capacity
350 t/m2
Axle Weight
20 t
Temperature Range
-50 to 65°C
Installation Time
120 m2/hour
Linear Expansion Rate
0.061 mm/m/°C
Max Incline Gradient Under Load
Min Radius to Ground Contour
Area per Pallet
58m 2