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Installation Guide

The following step-by-step instructions are intended as a guide only. In general, the same preparation procedures used with traditional surfacing methods apply to cellular systems such as Rite Pave. It is assumed here that a sub base is to be used beneath the paving system.

Step 1. Mark out and excavate

Mark out and excavate the area to be reinforced to the following depths based on application. Remember to add the depth of the module (40mm) to the below figures if the finished result is to remain flush with the surrounding area.

ProjectTypical Depth
Patios, Garden Paths75-100mm
Driveways, Public Footpaths100-150mm
Heavy Uses150-225mm
Highways150mm +
Rite Pave Installation Step 1

Step 2. Install sub base

With the full area excavated you can now proceed to install the sub base material. After doing so, compact the area to be as level as possible using a vibrating plate, or for larger areas a vibrating roller.

An optional weed suppressant membrane can be used on top of the sub base prior to the next step. This prevents weed growth and provides the grass seed with a better chance of survival but allows for natural drainage of rain water to the ground beneath.

Rite Pave Installation Step 2

Step 3. Apply sharpsand/soil layer

A thin 40mm layer of sharpsand/soil mix can now be applied to the surface of the sub base.

This is to level out any imperfections or hollows within the surface of the sub base, and if the area is to be grassed over it provides an ideal environment for grass root survival and growth.

Rite Pave Installation Step 3

Step 4. Lay Paving Modules

Once the whole area is completely level, you can proceed to interlock and lay the Rite Pave modules. Any that need cutting should be measured and cut prior to installation. They should be cut in such a way to leave complete cells along the outer area edge where possible.

With the whole area completely laid and positioned correctly, it can then be lightly compacted ensuring they remain flat and level.

Rite Pave Installation Step 4

Step 5. Fill area with medium

The area can now be back filled with the medium to be used.

If using gravel, we recommend 10mm or less gravel as this allows better filling of the chambers.

If the area is to be grassed, we would recommend using a 70/30 rootzone mixture which is essentially a mixture of quality topsoil and sharpsand. This prevents the hard compaction seen with topsoil alone which can limit grass growth. Initially the cells should be filled to approximately 10mm below the top surface of the module, as this will protect the young seedlings during early establishment. The whole area can then be seeded and watered in.

Rite Pave Installation Step 5

Installation Finished

Rite Pave installation is now complete. If using grass, wait for the seedlings to grow and see the results.

Rite Pave Installation Finished Image

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Technical Specifications

Module Size
500mm x 500mm
Module Depth
Modules per sq m
Weight per Module
Cell Size
70mm x 70mm
Cells per sq m
Min Wall Thickness
Available Area for Infil
Load Capacity
350 t/m2
Axle Weight
20 t
Temperature Range
-50 to 65°C
Installation Time
120 m2/hour
Linear Expansion Rate
0.061 mm/m/°C
Max Incline Gradient Under Load
Min Radius to Ground Contour
Area per Pallet
58m 2